Even after getting Nelly's autograph backstage in '01, Prinz-D realized that his speech impediment would curb his development towards becoming a successful hip hop recording artist.

To improve his chances, he trained without certified speech pathologists.

His first mix-tape, "Southern Comfort" ('05) housed lead single, "Chip of Ya Shoulder" and the most recent release, "First Deaf Rapper: Vol 1" ('11) increased his popularity with "Xs & O's" and "My Grandma" which he did music videos for.

Prinz-D performs frequently at open mic events and has been selling many records during these performances. He has also performed several times at events geared towards his deaf fans. Prinz-D has gained the interest of a Canadian music supervision and clearance company (Girth Music), and has released a music video for his current album release, "First Deaf Rapper: Vol 2" now available on more than 30+ digital music distribution networks. There are other music videos in the works, which is definitely something to look out for from a very dedicated artist in the near future.